Thursday, April 1, 2010

skype N school

just downloaded skype
not realy know how to use it yet
its like msn lah
but slightly different
quite okay n i try to add some friends that i know n rapat
since its about webcam
mostly i'm going to call my xiao yee at australia only..
just fo a little chat..
today we've been skyping bout 50minutes since i'm with my mom also happy loh..
coz i got try new things AGAIN!!

n today i'm a bit dissapointed with my result AGAIN!!
this time its maths..alamak!!
i totally forget how to do even open book!! n i only get 1.5% out of 10%
NOOOOOOO!!! n i hav to retest this subjek again
n this time i need to study hard..
coz if i don't get 10% out of 10%
tcher will take the 1st marks as my course work marks..SHIAT!!
n i don think i will get full marks lah
but hopefully my tcher will help us by using the retest marks as the course work marks lah
haih!! college life is just like a secondary life..
nothing chage eventually
its just that thr is a lot of homework n assignment to do only..
that all..hahah XD

anyway tomorrow is GOOD FRIDAY
so lets fasting babeh!!
but i think i will forget to fasting..haha
hopefully I REMEMBER LAH!!


  1. yeah... same thing like msn but video conference is way better and less lag... :)

  2. haha..yup..=) better..but if i chat with u..i don think i hav a topic anyway..hahaha XD