Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i give u an outline stories..THAT WILL IRRITATES U!!!

potato : do u think it is a good memories to study in IS??
me : yes

potato : what is it then??

me : hmm..love to study especially from lovely tchers..

potato : how bout the students??

me : nahh..still in the process to know each other..

potato : why do u say that??

me : coz it seems that..they r not that friendly especially girls..SOME!

potato : owh..then who do u think that they don like u??

me : some human..i wont tell u ltr u tell them..so its CONFIDENTIAL!! XD

potato : haha..confidential aye!? so y do u think that??

me : when i 1st step in IS..i was a shy person..and we get 2 introduce ourself in the class..then few weeks later..we started to talk like a friend..

potato : see its a nice starting 2 know frens..

me : yaa..BUT..when i get choosen 2 become a GL...i start to rushing everything here and thr..and most of them we're like..who cares lah..BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA N BLA..!!! ALL NONSENCE!!

potato : owhh!! so what happen next??

me : BECAUSE IS is not like 2ndary school..so thr is a lot of activities and event that is going on..so i have the job to get organize with my classmate..when the 1st time, only boys were lagging here and thr except the four of them...in the end the girls STARTS to lagging off too..SOME!!

potato : owh..no wonder ur so slim after u came back from ur leadership camp..then?

me : n i keep calling up them like 24 hours non stop...ask them to come 4 this and that lah..BLA BLA BLA LAH!!! EXCUSES LAH!!! NONSENCE LAH!!!...in the end some of them HATE ME!!

potato : who hate u owh??

me : aiya..malas want to tell... u will know it soon since they ignor my existence and some1 BLOCK ME IN FB!!! =P

potato : owh..dia saja??

me : ya only 1 person who block me..and it was also a sudden for me that some1 hates me..TIBA-TIBA this..macam lah i hate him or her 1st..i just put all my thought in my blog..and then he or she was like taking things so serious..untill block me in her fb..apa lah tha person..sooo *xiao qi*

potato : then what happen lah??

me : we didn spoke for 2 month already..hahaha its a world breaking news man..1st time some1 hates me soooo long..what a bad hatred he or she has..not me!!!!!=P because some1 saw my blog or what..then he or she was like GOSSIP here GOSSIP there..then GOSSIP WITH HER FRIENDS about me and my frens..then GOSSIP again..NON-STOP!!! WHEN R THEY GOING TO STOP!??? SO ANNOYING...

potato : owh...i hate gossipers too although i gossip too...but i wont be like them lah NON-STOP!! till hurt others ppl feeling..they r so bad owh..its not worth it 2 be friends with them..

me : hahahahaha..true but i have to face their face for like 2 and a half month..so i try to forgive them for what they did to us..and just IGNOR them if possible except for group study or anything that is important lah..so yeah..i just accept some1 with a small difference..that all..

potato : ur so kind-hearted..=)

me : not really..dulu i like to gossip so badly but then i hurt some1..n i realise how bad is it to gossip other ppl and hate other ppl..it doesn't feel good..so yeah SAY NO TO GOSSIP!!! xoxo gossip girls!!! XD

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