Saturday, April 10, 2010

All about HIM!!! XD

ain't he handsome!??

i add him at msn like 7 years ago
n i never saw him open his msn b4
mayb its fake 1..MEMANG PUN!! XD

he is a singer and a model..i think..haha XD
ain't HE CUTE!?? ♥♥♥

this pic are put in their korean magazine..something like that..
i ♥ the scenery, & i ♥ the person in the PIC!!! XD

pic of him again..XD
isn't he handsome..i was thinking that did he do plastic surgery!? jk jk

this pic is for the advertisement of the biscuit that he was eating..
like chocobe..haha XD

this pic where taken during their drama
and he ate a was freaking sour..and his expresion were cute!! XD

and this too..
the thing he is hugging is a half bunny and half pig!
hahaha i want that half bunny and half pig so badly..=(

this is the anime of their drama..
and i realy like
GO MINAM(park shin hye) and HWANG TEAKYEUNG(jang guen seok)!!!♥♥♥~

watch this drama peeps..its quite dramatic..not really thou
but its nice to some of these half comedies and half drama
so watch it peeps..
this drama was out last year..
so who ever not yet watch this movie..
WATCH IT!!! XD ♥♥♥~

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