Sunday, April 18, 2010

exam aye!? blog aye!?

exam started yesterday..
a bit tension when the paper has not started yet..
but overall still okay..=)
still manage it out with the essays..
i'm not confident with the objective n subjective..
since its quite hard for me..
still left 3 more subject to gambateh!!!!
hope everyone will do well on their exam..
n NO repeat OR retest!! hopefully no one in our class..

today is my relax day since 2 papers has over..
but will start my studies again in the afternoon..
scare my maths fail eh..
maths Maths MAths MAThs MATHs MATHS!!!
wont update my blog on exam week or on9 yeah!!
mayb curi2 also wont hurt lah..hahaha XD

i didn realise that a lot of ppl see or read my blog..
ain't i'm famous..hahaha jk jk..i thought no one will see my blog
since its only WORDS WORDS N WORDS!!
except my faithfull followers..XD
but nvm its their freedom to see my blog..
so whoever read my blog don blame me for anything
its my blog n its my freedom to write what i want..
so if u think it irritates u..them don see it..from my advise lah..haha XD

anyways..God Bless Us All..

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