Friday, April 23, 2010

as usual!

nothing to say much
went to see doctor with my grandma
sakit tua memang gitu
very hard to find the man
last last find out ody..thank God man
punya main ssh want to find that place

then chat with Jennice
haih..kasi delete her fb don tell us..
apa lah..hhahaha XD
chat as usual
she is working now as a admin
not bad...

hmm n finally download photoscape
its fun to use..
but i'm still a beginner..
so still not that pro yet
have to ask yekling to teach me
hahahaha XD
then all my pic that i took will look pretty n pro..
i prefer original
but if the effect can make my pic look more good
i will use it..=)
this is the picture i edit..not that nice yet..
still in the improvement..XD
at least got my name thr..hahaha

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