Thursday, April 22, 2010

Boring day!

what a boring day for me..
its only the 1st day of the holiday..apa lah nie..
then i think i need to find work on the school holiday lurh
if not i think i'll become fui po loh..hahaha
but now only 1 weeks of holiday..
so i'll just stay at home or i go Bibian's hse..hahaha

i think Bibian's hse are more fun...
since i hav frens with me so i'm not that boring
i think i can update my blog everyday if i really hav nothing to do..haha

yesterday was the last day of my exam..huh!!
soo happy to free from stressness
but now boring leh.. what to do..cari kerja to do loh

yesterday i went to Bibian hse..
n tiba2 i became a photographer!!!???
i took a lot of pic.. but only 13 pic of her are put in my album..haha
coz she want to consider if the pic is pretty or not..haha

this emo pic is the one i love most..♥♥♥~

this picture also very nice..
sharon says looks like a wedding picture..hahaha
hahaha..ain't i hav the skill LOL!! hahaha

i think i really like taking pic but my mom was like ignor me..
nvm then i'll just make it as my favourite hobby..
then i'll really buy my OWN DSLR using my OWN $$$$$$..
wait till i start work 1st lah..XD
can wait to hav my own dslr...COMING SOON!!!

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