Saturday, April 3, 2010


not really hav a great day though..
coz need to rush my assignment in 3days
but now only left 1day...still not yet finish
haih..n tuesday we need to pass all the assignment liao..
n i still left out my individual assignment again..
but is still have time to update my blog..hahaha XD
just wanna let u guys know where is my progress now..
quite tired also lah..n i strain my neck..
very painfull till now..i put yoko yoko more than 5 times liao
feel more better liao lah..

malaysian study is my ENEMY!!! XD
n i'm very worried bout my assignment not finish in time
coz 2mr i'm going out with my friends to cp
n i didn even start to study my maths lagi...owh NOOOO!!!
i really hope my math can get 10% out of 10% loh...
hopefully lah..n manage to finish all my assignment in time..hopefully..=(

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