Tuesday, June 1, 2010

5 days of Holiday

Just went to shopping with parents and my bff
mostly is EAT EAT EAT N EAT!!
since its holiday my mom lazy to cook dinner.
so everyday go out and eat eat eat and EAT!
i think i've gain weight...urghh!!
how wish that i wont be fat eventhough i ate a lot

yesterday went karamunsing and shop for dress
not even 1 dress that i'm in love LOL!
and didn try anything but touching all the dress only haha
then we went to sing karaoke! near karamunsing thr also
but the service is very terrible thr.
The waitress and waiter is not polite at all
and all the equipment at thr very chiplak.
price is okay lah. only the service is terrible.
and we went home early since Bibian's mom want her to go home early

didn enjoy much though but i sang till voice got a little bit sore.
and just spend my holiday with my family
supposse to go sandakan but didn go.
balik kampung just because want to eat the steamboat at thr..LOL
my mom lah..eat eat eat only till i follow my mom eat non-stop!
fat ody..need to exercise now. can't wait to start my dancing class again

God Bless!

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