Monday, June 7, 2010


Bibian didn go to school today because she's having JPJ driving test
Fortunately, she pass and she will get her P license soon enough
Didn wish her goodluck through sms but I sincere pray for her passing
and it did pass Thank God.
She update her blog too. FINALLY!

And having a great time at school although Bibian is not there
Now we have the 1st assignment for this 2nd semester
It was MICRO(bengong punya subject)
And almost 3 to 4 group was picking her
I mean fighting(not really fighting) so that Bibian will be one of the group
Unfortunately, I'm not the same group as her. haha TOO BAD!!

Ohya and today i went to city mall
Do u know what i saw??
I saw the same ---- that i bought last Ssturday!
hopefully none from our school bought that ----
On that night it would be a shame and embarrass!

God Bless

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