Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy ft Unknown??

okay, i'm still a bit confuse bout their attitude 
actually i'm happy when they start to talk to me
but then after few weeks later they
start to become their own style back again
it's like ignoring, gossip, hatred, 
argument, dislike.
don know what they think about.
because its like 4 month over already
what a long time already
time past through, and nothing change
just 1 thing, selfish and ignorance

may be sometimes i'm selfish too
but i know how to make it good
so who ever it is won't mad at me
is it because we're getting old??
and our thinking became different??
then how are we going to survive together 
for 2years more??
it's not like i'm the only one who is good

everyone has their bad and good side
but it depends,
I've try to make it up with u guys,
but what I've got in return??
nothing but combination of carbon dioxide and oxygen
i just hope that u guys wont hate me
so next year i'll definitely wont become a group leader anymore
i'll let u guys know how suffering to become one of it.

God Bless Us and please strengthen me.Amen

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