Saturday, June 5, 2010

Failure and Success

Today's class party was a totally failure
no one bring food and drinks except me,bibian & christopher
others come with their hungry stomach
especially Ms.Jossy
keep on complaining and must have a bbq
what a waste of $$$
thr RM100 is suppose to be for claiming all my $$$
but now all was gone with stupid bbq food.
better eat at the restaurant lah
for what again buy bbq stuff and food.
waste $$$ only. what a total failure

me and bibian went home early
actually go 1b
who want to stay at the beach for so long
'choi kia tiu tu so loh' (hakka)
so we spend our time shoping at 1b
bout 12pm shop till 3pm
finally i bought a ---- same goes to Bibian.
so it's actually a success..XD
now try to match up everything that i bought now
need to see what is left out & what i need to buy again.
and i can wait for that day to come
hopefully is was a success..=)

and now i want to buy cardigan
any recommend??

God Bless!

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