Saturday, May 29, 2010


it's just that my life seems getting harder
doesn't seems like wanna study
can catch up the subject but can remember what i've study
i think i'm not that kind of bookworm
more into working here and thr.
but no diploma or degree certificate who want to hire?
no one but pungut sampah, since got SPM sijil

i try not to think negetive stuff but eventually it came too
and recently i felt like i was dreaming
what i do is all a dream
nothing seems real to me
its like my soul is not complete, feeling unconcious
i've sleep early these day but it seems that still very sleepy
and unconcious feeling is thr.
like i need someone to slap my face to wake me up
hope one day somebody REALLY slap me one day a
nd let me cried it out loud till i'm really concious

now life is really difficult now.
sometimes i felt that my surrounding is save
but then it's not, need to be aware of all things.
and time is running out for me now.
how many years i can be with my parents
when i was a kid i thought no one will past away in my family
and live till i'm old, but no, life, old, sick, death(translate to chinese)
that is what i know. so live ur life to the fullest.

question will never end. it will come even more and more
and it will still running through ur mind everyday.
so don ask or think to much, life is like a drama
different people different story, so don compare ur life to others
although sometimes life is unfair.

God Bless All of Us

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