Thursday, June 10, 2010

Abhor ft happy!?

nothing say much but there is someone who 
i have bad impression of
is a girl from A-level.
the way she talk to us is totally fake
she thinks that she is so pretty till she want to tell us something
like we don't know everything what happen
and she hurt my friend..and i hate her bitchiness
although i know i some times i do that way
everyone now how to become bitch to get what they want
but the way she do to us is such a fake 
and it is so obvious..
make us want to vomit in front of her face

appear a person in Bibian's house
Vanessa came to Bibian house.
Bibian and me was so surprise that she came to the house
and eventually we had nothing to talk about
just surprise that she come to here thats all
and she walk around the house 
we try to talk bout each others life
and we try to accompany or entertain her
but nothing works we just quite ourselves for a while
thats all..haha LOL!

anyways life...........haih malas mau cakap!!

God Bless

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