Friday, June 11, 2010


went to jia po house today and left Bibian at school today
haha. coz need to fetch my uncle and his wife
because my uncle and his wife came back to kk
for 3days 2 just a visit or came back to do their registeration
and my uncle's wife we call yee yee is already pregnant for 6months
but he stomach not that big yet..still a bit thin and small
mayb kekurangan nutrition but then yee yee still very healthy

had a really great day with my family today
because my grandma talk bout all those pregnant stuff
what should or should not do or eat lah..
when i heard those stuff i feel like its so hard to pregnant
and really need to be carefull of evrything

and today's dinner not really that luxury
we went to gaya inanam there
and all of us have a great day chatting and talking what happen
that make us so funny and laugh till tear drops..
its so happy that whole family sit together and
share all those happy and information together

and i can't wait for tommorow
its going to be a great day
because we are celebrating mothers and fathers day
at my house = BBQ DAY!! = tiring day!!

hope tommorow will be a fun and happy day
and wish all of us a great day
God Bless Us All..

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