Sunday, June 13, 2010


Yesterday we have a great day at school
i just went there to see the rehersal
and help Bibian to record video
overall ok but others not that nicer then hers
then after our rehersal we change our cloths and wait for Bibian's car
in the meantime IP MAN talk to us. and only Bibian is the one who reply him
i'm only mmmm..yaaaa thats all XD

then when we arrive at Howards birthday party
all places is a bit full
so we sit at the corner with Christopher
and we really had fun chating and a bit take pic
i'll tell u guys who did come to Howards party
Ms.Eve, Ms.Matha(Jossy), Mike, Showe, Jonathan, Christopher, Mandy, Bibian AND ME
thats all for IS students and lecturer..
what a failure man..he ask so many ppl to go to his party
and all coming was like soo sikit only
too bad they can't get free food..=P
didn't ate so much coz too full ody

and at night we're having bbq lagi
OMG!! mesti very full this, at last didn ate so much also
coz felt like wanna puke out haha
because we're celebrating for father and mothers day
just a combine. so we're having fun
and the whole family sit together and chit chat
screaming here and there when the ball
didn reach the goal (watching football)hahaha
we really had a great day
and my uncle and his wife is leaving at 4pm sunday
sooo bye bye gonna visit u when the baby is out LOL!!

God Bless Everyone!

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