Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All Saints & Suria Sabah

went to All Saints school today with my uncle..
it change a lot my uncle say
it's true
from the day i start form1 it start to change a lot
become more modern already
it seems that the school is getting rich yeah!!
i thought today i can go into the school n hug cassan
but unfortunately my uncle just drive through thr only
watch the school how they change
n saw some new buildings
so it was quite fun tho nostalgic n memories!

so then we went to suria since my uncle want to see hows the building structure it is
went to the car park thr since its free
went to 5th floor then we went down to the mall..
not yet fully open yet n some of the elevator was not open..
actually suria's structure is not was i expected..
totally a was an 'L' shape not that nice
coz end of the mall was dead end..
and the lift is actually very dangerous to girls
coz the door is not open space when we need to take th elift..
so its not that good lah

n today got a lot of pilak go watch movie at thr
since thr still got the promotion whr
1 coupon can change 2tickets movie
ain't that nice..but all pilak what to do??
ohya one more thing
we saw a crack on the ceiling i think almost each floor
i think not tahan that..more than 5years like that sure roboh..
coz too heavy, full with human weight..hahaha XD

then the most thing i like is whr the food court thr
the view is very nice since it near to the sea
n the open space is very nice too
whr we can enjoy our tea time or lunch time with soo much relax
and the toilet is not bad also since its big and pretty.
but got a bit wet and not long later its going to be very dirty and rosak here and thr already
so becarefull going to suria..not that good..

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