Sunday, May 9, 2010

what's wrong with my BRO!??

when did my bro's otak became that stupid huh!?
what was he thinking!??
went to sushi king for dinner
after dinner i told my bro that i want to work at sushi king
then he scold me TAI LIN NGONG!!!
FUCK HIM LAH!!! so whats wrong working at thr
its my freedom mah..if u want to work at office then work lah
scold ppl stupid becoz i don choose to work at office
i think my bro is even stupid

he think he is so smart that he no need to work also got $$$ n food drop from the sky
what wrong with him man
he can work at office is his business n i want to work at sushi king is my business
do u think u have the right to scold me
since ur action is such a stupid that even for my whole family agreed too
even my uncle auntie thinks ur even more stupid
always stay at home on9 on9 on9 on9
married with the comp lah stupid

if u want to work at office go find a work lah say me that
waste 1 year staying at home on9 sleep eat ohsi only
i never saw a bro with that stupid n lazy attitude
even my friends bro r soo good to his sis n his family
n my bro is such a LOSER!!
even my parent thinks he is very USELESS!!
my parents give advise my bro was like left ear in right ear out
wtf!!! i wish i never had a bro like this
thats y i rather go to my friends hse rather than staying at home
i don even 1 to face that fucking stupid bro

if he is a smart guy n can lazy is okay
but he FAIL his exam n totally need to re-sit for the exam
n now he still on9 on9 on9 n on9
like fucking shiat owh..
waste my parents $$$ only
and he thinks our parents won't old n unable to work anymore
in the world i think he his the most fucking shit brother in my life that i ever saw!!

i think i'm the only hope to raise my parents when they r old
n i really study hard for my diploma course now so i can start my work early
n get a lot of $$$ so my parents can go travel whrever they want
n have a peacefull n relax life
coz our parents is really getting really really old now!!
white hair growing, aches everywhr at their body, memories is getting low
don know how long i will stay with my parents
its not that i'm over making such a stories
but this is a real world..nothing is free n easy now!
hope those who read this can realise n WAKE UP FROM UR DREAM!!
time cannot be turn back n no use to menyesal later!

God Bless ME n strenghten ME so i cant work more harder for a better life!
n Bless Us All!