Saturday, May 1, 2010

Labour Day!

it's a wonderful morning
sun light shine through our bedroom
n i woke up at 7.45am
n wake my mom also
still sleepy...-.-
i'm calling my mom to wake up n GO TO CHURCH!!!
hahahahahahaha..stupid me..
then after calling my mom(still lying on the bed) wake up
i went to toilet..
then i feel weird..the sky ody soo bright..y my mom don wake up again
n get ready for church!!
then i realise today is holiday..
i thought today was Sunday..but actually Saturday
hahahahaha...really stupid owh me..
bengong ody after drink a little bit of alcohol..hahaha XD
so i went back to sleep again
till 9.30am

then wake up n went to nearby all saint school thr
makan breakfast..saw some students come out from the school
mayb class tambahan or anything feel good to go back thr
miss my old times..

n saw Beng Beng thr..memang lah
he said he is waiting for the school anounce for the intake of form6
n archuleta(fera) n cassan also waiting for good
i'll definately go back thr n meet them..need a huggss from BABI!!xP

then went to Servay!
sot owh..only 10.30am ody got a lot of ppl thr
of course..keluar gaji ody n labour day mah!!
buy new --- n ---------!!!
hahaha..wont tell u what i buy..try guest urself lah..=P

can't wait for Monday!!
school starts n it's a new semester for my course
so happy rather than berkulat at home..
n need to study even more harder
for this semester..coz it's even getting harder n harder..
God Bless Every1! =)

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