Friday, May 14, 2010


It's already 2weeks over for the 2nd semester
nothing happen tho
Jan n May intake studied together on ITN n Micro class only
but next year both of our class will attend all same subject 2gether
not really like May intake joining us
coz too crowded..too much noises
too much ppl.. least place to hang out
more prefer 26 of us..
it's more fun coz we can play around when lecturer is not in the class
n really pay attention to lecturer when start classes
but now every classes(except Stat n FA1) that combine with May intake
they talk too much but not all May intake also Jan punya Geng also..
lecturer is teaching us, some of them talking thr
If u all don want to study just stay at home n
become ur Ms. Barbie doll
or Mr. Handsome guy
soo u know that..
their mouth can't seems to stop talking thr..
blah blah blah blah..NONESTOP!!!
I just need silence n only hear the lecturer's voice only
nothing more or less
Thank You!

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