Saturday, May 1, 2010

Get ready for Party!!(30th April 2010)

yesterday we get ready for our party
its from our dancing club party also
its one of the auntie's birthday but actually 2 of them celebrate together
1 kenal n 1 tidak kenal
so we just pay for the homemade cake n i gave a small perfume
as a present
its fun to hav this kind of party..
so i can hav fun since its with my mom
boleh lambat balik rumah bout 12am
hehehehe!! =P

n most important thing i can see a guy dance
he's so cute..haha =P
not that cute lah but i like to see him dancing
so nice this..
he is so good in dancing those dance
if he join the ballroom dancing definately won a lot of price
but unfortunately he's not interest with those ballroom
he is interested with line dance
that we can freely dance what we like also can
soo line dance forever..
n i'm trying to improve myself on it..coz feel shy dancing infront of them
i'm trying n trying..XP

still cannot..haha mayb 1 day i'll dance like 1 of the auntie..
she is sooo freaking HOT! n SEXAYY!!
n she remember all the dance very well
n all the moves that she dance is very overeacting
but it really look nice n pretty when she dance it
hope i can dance open-minded..
so wont scare infront of any1..=)

and again i drank carlsberg..
this time even worst
just 1 sip of carlsberg ody start a bit dizzy
but slowly n calm down ody i feel much better ody
then i start drinking again
then ok ody wont mabuk ody..
can handle alcohol now..hahaha XD

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