Saturday, February 13, 2010


i was so happpy bcoz my dad came back from outstation
my dad became more darker..
sunburn bha tu
can become orang hitam already...hahhaha XD
we had a wonderfull night..eating steamboat buffet at
tanjung aru Windbell
the food wasn't that nice but then it was free
coz we're using coupons for no loss for it
n had a walk at the night market..not the oficial night market thr lah
just arround the corner thr..
they sell lots of makes my eyes sparkling(konon)
hahahahhaah XD
but the flower was really attractive...n the accent smell great

then we went back home with limau besar, flowers n some fruits..
then i quickly go to the kitchen n eat my durian..
love durian soooo much but then i was quite full already
so i just eat a little..n its still satisfy my tummy =P
then my dad on9 till midnight baru tidur
i was suppose to sleep at my own room at the night
but then i wake up coz i'm hot n i feel weird when i sleep in my own bed room
so i wake up n go to the comp room
n i saw my dad still playing comp
so my dad ask me to sleep with mom..
so yeaa! i did sleep with my mom
n my mom was like
haiyer why u don go ur room n sleep owh..
then she go back n sleep lagi n don care me already
hahahahahah..i'm soo evil..
nvm..............THE END!


  1. haiya... ur dad wana on9 mah that's why ask u to accompany ur mum to sleep. Then ur mum waiting for ur dad also... u kacau them... haha :p