Tuesday, February 2, 2010

what a day!

is it that i'm too free or wat..
everyday came back from school its just INTERNET!!
internet internet internet n internet
all the time...its like i cant get out from it..but owh well
just forget it...
i'm really desperated to hav a dslr actually
but now my pasion on it even getting higher n higher...
but when do i get it??
time pass very fast..so i really hope that i get it this year..
i really want it sooooo much..hmmmm

today at school was ok..untill we start our practise..
haihhhh..if i'm not the leader i wouldn't hav involove a lot of things
i could do wat i want all the time
but then it feels so good to hav that position
coz u can meet a lot of frens n learn more things that we never learn b4
so its good n challenging exactly...
in our life learning never stop unless u stop urself frm learning it

so hopefully i can get dslr b4 i graduated or some activities has became a past
n hopefully that 2mr its going to be a easy day for me to start a new day
especially to handle my classmates problem n my assignment problem
Goodluck n God Bless Us All!!!!!

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