Monday, February 1, 2010

its on the proses

everything was fine now..
especially our practise time...but still very the freaking cacat lah
no voice at all...but better than last time..
last time was such a shit man..
punya main bida boys punya sound..haha XD
ok ok lah seems that nothing to watch anymore (boys)
but still want to find him during recess n pulang time
but didn manage to find or saw at least one of them
i'm so sad this..but i'm still happy that i'm not liking anyone
its hard to forget someone when i really in love with someone..
but its nice to hav a feeling of falling in love..
its undescripable..haha XD

but then i wont think to much bout it lah..
coz i hav lots of work coming on n thr..
projek, test n assignment n presentation is getting mor n more now
i hav to concentrate on it 1st b4 i enjoy more of it...

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