Thursday, February 4, 2010

what should i do?

everything was fine yesterday..but then
it became worst...
it suppose to be 1 pair of boys n 1 pair of girls
in the end they we decided to change it into
2 pair of couple
n i hate my partner..
hate him soo much i'll just telan n accepted him as my partner
what to do???
n my friends partner also don want to play that role
n i hav to beg my assistants to replace him..
n again my assistant refuse to do it..
but he'll thing of it..hopefully my assistant can replace liam lah..
now i really don care n just act on it then WE'RE FINISH!!

n i need to arrange what should they wear n all the equipment we should ready
n tcher ask us to bring torchlight..for wat lah!!??
weird lah n whr i get fake flowers n basket to them??
n i need to arrange for the transport lagi if we really stay back
n i need to hand in our report lagi n i didn even start doing it lagi
n got a lot of homework lagi..
n songs for the cheer i wont do it anyway..i have no idea at all..

then what should i do knw?? start frm whr 1st??? haih!!

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