Sunday, February 14, 2010

1ST day of CNY

wake up late..but actually not that late also..
my relative came late today
my cousin went to watch movie
so yeah! i wanna watch too..XD
its quite boring lah..coz no friends to talk or do something
not like last year..=/

early in the morning i sms all of my friends n wish them CNY
but then only half of them who reply back to me..
aiyo..hahaha but i truly wish them all the best n hav fun..=)

in the evening my mom stop playing mahjong n start to cook for dinner
thats is when i start to run away..haha XD
i didn run away thought..coz ltr kena marah i just help my mom out with the dinner
while i was doing all these helping..
i sweat A LOT!!! the sweat was like dropping from my head just like kena hujan
n its a lot..when i wipe my face the towel is totally wet!!!
hahahahha XD..actually CNY is a great day for exercise
its only when we help out our parents
if not i'll became a pig thr..

so yeah..i was soo freaking tired today..
n i feel sleepy..zzZZZ
but then i still on9 n blogging..haha XD
then i realise that i was so being selfish to my friends, my family n myselves(sometimes)
especially my friends...i think i'm too easy influence by a small stuff
especially bout the name list on the fixed n free campaign time
but i think i was doing a right thing..
but then it became a hatred to me n my friends..
i didn talk to them at all especially rachel n man yi..

i have these hatred in my heart towards them..
mayb i'm jelous or wat?!
i also don knw..
2nd week of the school we use to talk a lot..
but then now?? NO!
i don knw y..but i feel even more lonely since they just like ignor me a lot
actually i feel sorry to them..coz mayb i was the group leadr..
so its hard to do according to wat they want..
so I'M REALLY SORRY!! for what i did or didn do to u all guys
especially all my classmate..

i just wanna live a happy life with my friends n family..
nothing more n nothing less..
n again..i just wanna say..

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