Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i don like them(konon)

mayb i'm moody...
its just that i hate some of my classmate
mayb hate lah..but then i think it was just my feelings only
i feel that they keep on gossip bout me n say something bad bout me
althought i'm not that care bout them talking things bout it
but actually it hurts my feeling
i don feel save n friendly towards them
i don hav the sense of friendship among us
mayb its their rutin or what so ever is that
but i feel annoying n heart broken..
i just wanna have lots of friends..
do u think become a leader is good!!??
then next year u try to become one then..
try the suffering of becoming a leader..then u knw how hard it is
they wont coorperate much even girls..some of them
i don wanna mention it..but then they we're like
saying bad things bout me..i also wont care
n i didn talk to them started yesterday
coz they didn talk to me also..n i ignor them like nothing happen
n they keep on relying on me bout all the information that has been inform
HEI!! i'm not ur orang gaji lah!!
the notice board n the TV plasma got show the loh
don have eyes kah???
hate if next time they didn saw the notice board don blame me
blame yourselves n find out the updates ur own lah..
keep on relying me!! i'm  not ur ah sei loh..

then it makes me pissed off is the pic of diploma
they put 12ppl in the pic..then the others leh??
doesn't exist kah??
u thought its only ur class??
hei IS is NOT STTSS lah!!!!
do u think that IS is now part of STTSS only?? NO lah!!
its OURS!!!!???
i feel that i'm the one who do all the thing in the class not u guys
everything was done bad n u all blame it on me
especially bout the attendence on the fixed n free campaign
hey its all ur own fault who didn attend it..n u ask me to CHEAT on it!!??
hey its soo freaking obvious that our groups seat are empty..
n some tcher r hairan why got a lot of empty seats..
hey its ur own don't blame on me
blame ur laziness!!! XP

lastly.. i pray for my anger that will gone n JESUS!
please forgive all my sins n all the bad stuff i treat or do to my friends
so that i would fell better n not guilty

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