Friday, January 29, 2010


today at school was quite ok lah
yek ling n me r trying to fight for an iphone during classes
actually is not fight lah..just wanna play the games only
raymond is like sooo freaking kaya..wat also got
especially all gadgets that i like the most
makes me even more n more n more jelez of him..hahaha
coz all the things that i want always other ppl has it 1st...
y lah my parents not rich..haha XD

continue story at school...
it seems that now our progress on prctising our singing is quite good now
but i don knw whether they really got attend or not in the 1st break
hope they stay at class especially the boys lah...
we still have 1 week to go b4 our performance leh..
freaking scary tuu if we didn prepare enough..
but i really want to sing in a partner lah
i even ask sean bout singing with me but tidak payah lah
i don evan want to think bout him..n i try to ignor him when he try to smile with me
hahaha..i'm soo evil hate to saw his face now...
bikin panas jak..XD

anyways....i'm going to ALL SAINTS school tomorrow
yay!!! with isabella sis..yay..
at least i got friends..but she only kawan me till 8am only
alah i want till they finish merentas desa lah..hmphh!!
nvm as long as i can met some of my friends n tchers
hahaha miss my friends sooo much...yay!!
i want to hav fun with them..=)

hope collier get 1st on merentas desa...
n hope that 2mr's weather are bright n shiny..haha XD
may God Bless Us All...!!!

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