Friday, January 1, 2010

NEW YEAR 2010...

early in the morning of new year...
do uu knw  what i do???
i wash away nail colour 1st thing in the morning....
haha XD nothing to do bha....
i wan to go yamcha with my friend pau shin..but she seems buzy
enjoying with her others friend...haiz what to do kan..all her friend
balik from other country oso...
at least i'm happy to see her...n she's getting fatter my mom say lah
in my oppinion ok ja ...nothing change at all
since its new year...i'm going to start school next week..T.T
study in institut sinaran with wong...yay!!
at least i got  a friend...i'm not alone...huhu
the thing is i don hav books to buy n transport to go home
but soon i will solve this problem...hehe
new day new year new life..
hope everyone will hav a great year
although sometimes will go down n up
all the best human!!!

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