Tuesday, January 19, 2010

thinking of it

i'm still thinking of it whether i should go to the
leadership camp or not..
mayb i'm scare of my trauma coming back again...
but i hope n never hav this trauma..
if not i'll be able to do stuff that i want to..
but nevermind..
as long as thr's my frens n my family who support me its fine..
i sms 'him' today bout the leadership thing again..
i think he starts to ignor me n malas want to sms me..
its not even everyday we sms..
n when i sms its all about the schools activities mah..
but biar lah..i oso start to malas bout 'him' already...
lazy to care bout 'him' but i still want to see him..XD
budu this..haha XD

n thr's new update that is our talent night has postponed
its going to be at 7feb 2010..
n our audition its going to be at next week wed...
its really nice to hav lots of activities going here n thr
but i just wanna hav fun without stress or burden
when i think bout burden..
it remembers me of the ALL SAINTS school's songs
hahaha..i miss my old school n my friends soooo much...
till i want to go back the time..haha
but it wont..just hoping that all of them r healthy n happy always..
miss them sooo much...

n bibian is now at same class with me...
i was soo shock when she says that she wants to go thr
 n i'm like woahhh..its last minute girl u still want to go..
but eventually she didn act like anak manja..
haha thx God!!
but she seems to have a lots of fans even only in the 2nd day of school
haha..i'm jelez but i oso got fans i really see through it..
konon lah..but as long she's with me i'm not that lonely..
n my classmate r funny juga lah...but sometimes bikin panas oso..

hopee my friends r happy n healthy always..
may God Bless Us All..

p/s : i miss 5i..♥~

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