Wednesday, January 27, 2010

miserable n unconditionaly day!!

after school was a disaster..makes me running here n thr
n talk a lot n been scold by tcher (konon)
b4 the business maths finish..or even start that class
i ask them that stay for audition
but then they say they r buzy n all stuff
i also canot stay also u think i want to stay kah??
 hate it also loh..but then can see jovi, sean n issac..
then i dicuss a lot with tcher..
i think i'll volunteer myself to sing with jonathan liew
if he want lah n don mind my ugly voice...=)

i find sean n he was like y she finds me!!??
i also don care lah...u not liang cai also...i find u pun bukan pasal ko!!
hahahahahaha XD
then i find cathy n ask her bout things..
in the end only 5ppl sing for the audition!!
bikin panas nie..coz everyone is like looking at us..
especially isaac...GAHHHH!!
he even smile at ME!!!
i wanna say f*** already shit liao..

at least that time i sing well but its without a microphone..haha XD
bagus...hate it got audition..but only 2minits sdh habis..n i was relieve
thx God for the time past so fast...that time only lah...

then i wait at school till 5pm like that..
its fun juga lah coz i get to see other ppl perform sikit...
n i saw jovi like...SORRY SORRY SORRY!!!
hahahahaha XD n dancing like in the pub n make it a sexy moves
love it..n i notice him watching me or mayb someone lah..i don knw
hope tomorrow i can make a decision n been approve by tcher
that i can sing with someone if i found who wants to sing with me
if max ada..i want u to sing with meeeeeee!!!

missssss u max..T.T
got a lot of things i want to share with u..
but then ur not besides me..
coz at least we can make jokes n talk bout BOYS!!!

p/s: i knw thr's lots of problem in ur family max but keep up i knw ur a strong women..
i'll always support u when ever u need me!!
terharu kah??? XP

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