Monday, January 4, 2010

college life

cant sleep well last night
coz i'm going to college today...
early in the morning sms wong...4 wat
coz scare not friend at college lah
apa lagi
its fun today
we heard a lot of speech frm CEO, vice president n etc.
is fun lah
i get to met a lot of my friends
since frm kindergarden, primary n even frm church n of course my own school lah
but some of then like huh!!?? who is she again??
remember their face but names...ohno who's tat person name again??
today had a lot of briefing n some speech bout club n regulation
bla bla bla
sleepy tis...zzzZZZZ
their canteen calls cafe' like woah...
apa nie...n call t'cher by miss or mister lee or watever
change a lot their style in call some stuff
n i'm going to learn a lot of english as u all knw i'm going to college...
eng is COMPULSARY!!!
n i become class woah..tiba2 tis
sooo malu owh introduce myself infront of students...T.T
but okay lah
bcoz or mayb i bcome class monitor i terpaksa speak n learn more in eng
gonna work even more harder than b4
but its fun to study in college...
hopefully i get 2nd bage in national service...
i wanna get slimmer...haha...i'm FAT NOW!!!
n tomorrow its going to be fun day again...
hope everyone also have a great day always...

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