Saturday, January 9, 2010

survival race

its fun today n happy coz wong got go to school
she dont want to go but last last she go osos...yay
then i'm divided into group fun n happy
we only hav 8ppl in the group then the t'cher let two in to our group
but it came out 11ppl...???
i oso blurr blurr..haha but still okay..then we start our race frm
the lower ground...we finish already all except one place
hiazz..still left one more n we're finish in time...
but we manage to won the 1st prize...yayayyyyy!!!
i'm soo freaking happy this...haha
i was hoping that 'S' is thr taking pic of us.but eventually he already went home
i think lah..haha coz i thought he yang took pic of
our group when we won...but no...i'm sad owh..haha
but its really fun n when we play this survival race
he also got took pic of us..n i got smile with him...
yayayyy...for me for smiling with
but i really hope he still remembered me when he graduates...
i'm gonna miss him...=(

but anyways...i like him...haha
in the proses of liking him...
haha XD
hope malaysia is a peacefull country..=)

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