Friday, July 18, 2014

Too much to handle

For our country Malaysia this is definitely a mourning year for us. With the mystery & tragedy of missing MH370 already breaks our heart, whatnot a recently tragedy happened on MH17. Deep condolence to all the affected people & passenger's family. Also kidnapping incident happening in Sabah right now. Its so frustrated that we couldn't do anything to help but to mourn and pray for them.  

No wonder I've been having nightmares lately. My nightmare is horrible & I couldn't sleep 2 days before & the day of the incident took off. Not to mention feeling uneasy all day night. I'm not saying that I'm able to forecast something or what but my feelings have been shaking a lot lately.

My mom told me that, "No matter where we go or what we do from up sky, ground, road or at home, anything could happen. Its part of our life's cause someday we will die. We just have to admit it." Especially after the MH370 incident occurred. I am so afraid to take flights, it was when I've already prepared to go for my vacation. I'm a timid person I'm scared of death. Even though I'm scared of death, I still wanted to go travel.  Life is too short and we must live without any regrets. 

Now is not the time to blame who is right who is wrong. We should be united as one, and pray for peace. Let us pray for the them, MH370, Sabah kidnap, Palestine & Israel, Russia & Ukraine, war, racial, social media, foremost the people around us & the world we are living now. Let us pray for peace and unity. 

Till then,
God Bless. 

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