Friday, July 11, 2014

Paradise Kiss

I just finished watching Paradise Kiss. It brings back a lot of memories when I re-watch the anime. I remember watching this when I was 12 plus. Back then around my age, anime were really a hit especially with Japanese song and movie. But its kinda sad that K-pop has over taken the trend. I bet nobody know anyone in Japanese now, even myself. -.- I'm definitely out of the trend right now. So watching new & old anime really makes me happy & emotional. Too much fantasies, so unreal to me that this reality really sucks to the infinity. 

Just as I've said. I'm living in a paradise. I don't wanna leave this paradise because reality has taken its toll on me right now. I'm not ready to face the reality right now, I'm immersing into fantasies just to comfort myself. But I know I couldn't stay in paradise for too long. I'll let go this time, having just for myself, just let me satisfied this paradise until I get pissed off that made me angry & realize for being stupid & recklessly. 

I know I'm making myself staying in the past. Because that's where all the happiness I have. Life of being an adult is really harsh huh. I hope I can make decision soon. I hope. 

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

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