Saturday, July 5, 2014

Money win

The title says it all. Money win and I'm going for money this time. No matter how hard I go with my passion it won't do good. With money I'm able to go for my passion. Cause money win. I'm struggling between studies & working this time. It was a serious decision. But I go for working. Because with money I'm earning in between I still can go for my passion as a freelance photographer. This time I won't choose the hard way to go. 

I'm going for easy way this time. Because I don't want to struggle anymore. Its exhausting. This time I'm not standing on education side. I really want to go for studies where I really can study and increase my knowledge for photography. In between I'm struggling with tuition fees. How am I going to pay for all the fees? I felt like this won't do good. My parents its on the verge of retirement soon. I'm not kidding even tho I'm only 22 this year. I feel like time is running out way too fast this time. I'm constantly battling with time right now. 

My family's condition weren't that good anymore. That's where I decided that its time to go for money. But in the same time I'm still accepting photography services since its still my passion. So I'm not giving up yet. Not yet. Hope I can go through it. I hope. 

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