Tuesday, July 8, 2014


What will my future holds I wonder. Is it wishing for a prince come to save my life & life happy ever after? Or throw away your fear & go for a success passion? I've been watching KUWTK for a long time. I felt that I'm a bit similar with Kourtney except for the wealth. -.- I'm fear of changes. Even tho the problem is fading but still unsettle, it frustrated me. I've been thinking too much about the changes I'm going to face instead of moving forward with the decision. 

I've been making A LOT doubt recently. So many doubt it leads me to confusion & fear. I want to escape or just cry out loud with someone beside me without any talking. I need a shoulder. A big shoulder that could comfort me in anyway. Some one who support my passion, who love for who am I. Even in relationship, I rejected. Cause I fear of failure relationship. I hope I could be stronger than anyone. 

I just need to be more optimistic more about my life right now & how grateful that I have family that I love even tho there's imperfection. Every household has their own stories. So I just need to get over it. Work & travel & photography.  This will be my life right now. 

While I'm still young & capable I want to go travel as much as possible. So for now work, travel & photography is all I want. Not love & family this time. That's all I'm aiming for. Nothing more. Just say that I'm selfish or whatever. I want to be more independent. Cause I'd never know what will happen next. Try to be as selfish as ever just for myself & love myself even more. 

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless. 

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