Sunday, May 4, 2014

Family being mehhh

From the outside it looks like they were being supportive but deep down inside they are expecting me to fail and stop all these impossible to happen kind of job I'm pursuing. I understand that because I'm an amateur. Being jobless and doing things from scratch is really hard. All the planning is already making me really tired. Even though it was really tired but I'm happy. Even all the things didn't go accordingly I am happy with it. I think and solved it properly without abandon any of the task I'm facing. 

Unlike with my current job. I purposely abandon all the work, pretend that I forget when I'm not, delayed everything for almost a year. How awesome is that. Yeah I'm being such childish ever in my life. At least I'm getting back in track again with my current shit job, cause I don't want to give bad impression (which already have) even worst. I just hope that the person who is going to replace me doesn't back out, like really, like seriously don't back out. I want to get over with these job A.S.A.P but my mom was like stay there if that replacement doesn't want to replace my position. Obvious intention mom. 

My mom wanted me to stay there as long as possible but I couldn't, I hate it so much that the work load was purposely abandon. How could I even stay at there longer? I just couldn't do it. Now to compensate my shit behavior I'm going to clear out everything I could so that my replacement could suffer less. lol Which probably going to be easy for her as if she just went to work just like going to vacation. Oh please hurry up time!! Let me go to vacation! When its vacation time I hope the time just slow down. I'm just being bitchy sometimes. Thank for reading my shit life here. 

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless

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