Monday, May 12, 2014


Hi! Am I doing it right or what? I just agreed to stay till end of May. This is the second time I've agreed to my boss that I'd delay a little bit longer. I am so worried that when the day come for the replacement she won't appear. I really hope she come to replace me so I could hand over everything. All the work I've been handling is really a lot. Like seriously a lot even my supervisor doesn't even know. Not to mention now I've kept forgetting things which makes my work even harder. I couldn't concentrate, I feel tired and unmotivated at all. All I do was waiting for my vacation for the day to arrive.

Also I was so excited with the trip on sat, that I've already pack my clothes except for toiletries. My mom was like are you kidding me??? Yeap I've pack my clothes. Probably going to wear the same clothes on June trip again! Recycle comfy clothes on the trip is my essential! haha You know I'm into fashion lately but I has no money to spend. Maybe I'm going to save more on this sat trip and spend a fortune on June trip. June trip is like the most expensive trip I've been to and the most excited ever!! Its a foreign country so I'm excited as fuck!!! GAHHH HOLIDAY WHY U NO COME FASTER AND SLOW DOWN WHEN I'M ALREADY ON HOLIDAY??

Where's all the time we've been doing?? Time is money people! Means more booking, more income, more vacation!!! I'm excited that this year my calender is all pack with awesome event & booking! but I need my holiday right now!!! Oh btw I'm watching a new Korean variety series called Roommate! I love Park Bom! She's awesome and funny! Go watch! Bye

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless

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