Saturday, May 17, 2014

To all salesman

Like hello!!!! Get the way out? Yes I'm referring to you you You YOU! Its no point selling me anything. I seriously hate sales person. Yes its great to have great sales and enjoy the benefit buying from sales person. But then what if I don't want. Can you see its so hard to reject the offer especially you meet your long lost primary friend and he started talking about insurances.

I was like 'Can you stop talking about your job, its nothing interesting!' 'And stop selling me something'. When I was thinking all of this I unconsciously skip part of the things he was saying. Its so hard to concentrate when people start selling, its like reading or study. You know what I mean? Unless I am really interested in your insurance or any other product then I don't mind listening but now no. I have no money, I'm jobless (I told him I'm still working lollllll), I'm busy setting my business. I HAVE NO TIME FOR YOUR INSURANCE TALK!!!! 

When we meet we should talk about our high school life & our times when we were young & how the others are doing right now. NOT START TALKING ABOUT YOUR SALES. OMG I need a break, I've encountered too much sales person that I really hate because I soon will become one NOO!! I'm seriously not good in socializing anyway so don't call me ever. We even exchange contact just now! OMG Please don't find me. 

Every time I've met people its like I try to avoid talking cause I don't know what to talk nor say. Its like my head trying to find stupid topic to talk about, like seriously. So hard to find topic to new people or people that we've haven't talk for so long. I like to talk when I understand them and they understand me so its great. Anyway I'm not good in socializing need to practice hard on that part. sigh. 

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless

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