Thursday, May 29, 2014

290514 : Last Day of work

I can finally say I'm officially jobless for the rest of the year. lol I've been so busy with my photography business and not to mention all the photo I've took from my trip to Penang & Langkawi. Also this Sunday we had another client shoot. MY LIFE IS AWESOME! Not yet tho. Been busy organizing my timetable & to do list before I fly off to my next trip again. 

1. I can fully focus into my photography business right now. Not only that, I'm doing a lot of homework about camera, lighting, posing & etc. So much to learn. I'm happy! oh so happy!

2. Going outbound this time! KOREA is definitely my favorite place of all! Not because of Kpop its because their food is oh so delicious & not to mention their fashion & cosmetic. I'm so excited to fly off next week! 

3. Beside photography, I'm working on beauty & fashion, so I'm working out for better body figure! I don't want to make my life so miserable for not fitting into all pretty clothes. Gonna work hard on exercise & dieting. 

4. I'm no longer suffering from working on a place I hate the most. I'm free, I'm happy, I'm self conscious when working on things I like. I felt that I could work & do even better in photography. Passion will always make us improve to a better person. Striving for my dream!

5. Last day of work today was full of deep conversation. I met amazing colleague through this shit work life & they made me so happy. Of course its sad to leave them since we've become so attached and treated each other as friend instead of colleague. We will definitely meet again in the future. 

To all people out there who is struggling to go for your passion I'd say just fucking go for it. If we never try we never know what would happen to our future. Go for a change, it maybe hard, we may find a lot of excuses, we may ignore but one shall not say they live a life without trying to change & go for their own passion. We may fail or succeed BUT that's part of our life. I'm doing this because I want to change not only to pursue my dream but to look deeper in our purpose of our life. We only live once. Go for it I'd say. We are the future, we may change the future to a better place.

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

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