Thursday, March 20, 2014

In Doubt

I am seriously terrified by all the decision I've made lately. I get so insecure right now. I think I'm getting more worried when I stop full time working to pursue my passion. It is so scary and so uncertain about my future right now. That's why they say going for our dreams is hard and risky. Because I have no proper income, expenses is really huge right now. Even tho I've only planned all the expenses needed it really doesn't seems to cover up for another 3 months when I'm going to start. 

So practically I'm going to be jobless, no income, no customer and all the money I've save up for this dream only get lasted for the next 3 months after I've completely resign from my current work. With the suddenly expenses rising up and all the cost I need to pursue my dream is terrifying! 

I started to get stress from it, all the sudden plan and arrangement is making me so stress up! All the stuff I'm preparing is getting on properly. Its almost 50% done before I could set up other stuff. So much things to do yet so little time, not to mention all the expenses pilling up! 

Sometimes my partner thinks that these dream is so easy to fulfilled but actually its not. Just with my own start up its making me headache. I had to plan properly for it so that I could survive for the next 3 months lol Gahhh I just hope everything goes on smoothly and well planned. My mom is going to be so pissed at my decision. Oh well life still goes on. I don't want to regret. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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