Saturday, March 22, 2014

Freaking weather

Its been crazily hot, I mean after CNY its getting hotter and hotter by day even at night. I could literally sweat like mad cow without even exercise. Especially when I'm running errand outside on the noon it literally burns my skin. My arms are so tan right now I don't even need to go sun tanning at all. With just 1 hour of sun is enough for me to get tan skin.

Oh I even sweat so much that my weight drop. LOL I practically loss weight from all the heat of the sun while running some errands. I don't know if it a good thing or not. Not to mention the construction site is building up. All the dust and sand literally makes our house really dirty some more with no rain making it more worst to the air. The air is so dirty that sometimes I could feel like I couldn't breathe at all. Even shutting down all the window is just making the house stuffy. 

I miss having those days where we would wear sweaters at night and the rain is pouring down making me want some hot choco while cuddling with my huge comfy blanket. ahhh I miss those day! Definitely going to wait till end of the year where monsoon weather is invading the cities. I'm sweater weather girl ya know. Need some rain! Rain oh rain please fall down so that the haze doesn't get worst. Need some fresh air man.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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