Thursday, January 9, 2014

January 2014

So its already the 2 week of January! Time flies way too fast. Hadn't had the time to blog. Got caught up with work. Been so busy lately. Nearly went sick cause over work. I can work till I forget to drink water. Even tho I still hate my job, I still need to complete all the task given. Its giving me headache lately. Oh well life goes on. Cannot wait for my bonus then I'll slap my resignation on my boss's desk. hahaha I have great imagination. But I'm so worried if I passed my work to new employee, will he/she work properly as I am. Of course I don't mean I do perfect job but at least its all organized. hahaha Compliment all by myself. lol I am grabbing any opportunities arise in front of me. Decision making still sucks.

Facebook is getting boring as well. Same game everyday. It sucks. Been into reading lately. Looking for good books now. Need to buy more books. I notice that I've never read books as much. Obviously I'm lazy and words makes me sleepy. I'm hooked up when the story gets interesting. Been reading The State We're In by Adele Parks. Great story! I don't know how to explain the plot but I assure that its amazing. 

I still feel like its Christmas! Oh the great memories I had with my Church member. Not to say I'm over confident with myself but I noticed and felt that few of the Church members had interest in me. Guys of course. Its like my flower starts to bloom. LOL I was like so curious, why the heck these guys is interested with me. I'm not pretty and I'm fat. And I did notice or should I say they intend to approach me. LOL It was so obvious lol Of course I make myself natural and normal with my friends. It was really different and weird to have people interested with me. My mind was like thinking "Just come in front of me and confess!" LOLLLL I'm being despo right now. But all is good! It means I'm loved. Thank You secret admire lolllllll.

Despite all the worst part on working life all is good! I'm turning 22 this year so I need to suck it up as a grown up. Bye. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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