Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's the time of the Year.

Year of Horse this year to be precise. They said this year is the best year. I'm not sure but hopefully. Urghh I still hate my job. I take back for saying I like this job in the previous post. I cannot wait to get over it. Now I'm looking for a new job. This shit company I'm working didn't increase my salary even though I got bonus but I think increase salary is important as well, at least Rm50 or Rm100 is enough. For all the hard work I've did and FORCED to remember to remind Boss and shit working people. I think I had enough of this shit environment. I couldn't wait to get out from it. Enough with the shit work life, I could overcome it when the times come. 

So holiday finally starts and less than 30 min its going to be CNY!! Fireworks and fire crackers are going to be booming loud to welcome the New Year. I couldn't believe another year have pass through. I didn't know where all the time had gone. I felt like the time I'm using right now doesn't satisfied me. Working hour the lesser the better, the fun times I'm having the longer the better. I feel so old right now. Like seriously old. 

This season is the best! I get to see my families. Having them around is sure fun and amazing. Even though its tiring but we had lots of chatting session and lots of laughter. So good to spend time with all of them. That's when all the marriage or searching for boyfriend material topic came up. Just so you guys know my bro has a girlfriend, and my cousin who is the youngest has boyfriend. So "old people" tend to asked when I'll get a boyfriend. It was kinda depressing for not having all hype and embarrassed to get question about boyfriend material. They we're shy for getting asked about their partners but I am depressed for getting asked when I'll get a boyfriend. 

To tell you the truth, I'm not ready to commit any relationship. Even if they're really interested in me, I wouldn't even want to think nor imagine at all. I would ignore all guys that is interested in me. Like literally ignore all. I couldn't even imagine to bring a guy that I like and introduce to my family. I wanted to have a boyfriend but I just automatically reject it. It's my nature to reject. I like saying no. I couldn't help it. So I don't even bother having thinking about it. I'll let it go through fate. 

Sorry to hear my babbling stories on these festive season. I just couldn't hold it. LOL Anyway, Wishing Everyone Prosperity and  Good In Health and Have a Great Day Ahead! 

Till Then,
Cheers and God Bless

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