Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Random Thoughts

Life has been great lately. I think. Not sure if my life is that GREAT. But overall it IS great. Argh, now all I was hoping is to get my bonus as soon as possible. If possible I hope this month I could get it. Sigh-ing super hard right now. What if I don't get it?? Argh. Feeling super frustrated. Been working really hard lately. Working much more better and productive this year ( I mean this month :P ). I'm not sure its because of the new year resolution's trend or just I'm being force to do my work diligently. LOL 

Why should I worry about things like that? Making myself all so misery. Life still goes on. Finally the chances are here and I'm grabbing it hard. All I need to do now is to secure it. But in order to gain I need to let go the current one. I hope the sacrifice I made will turn out better in future. Oh so misery. 

Oh I'm gaining weight like crazy. Super crazy fat ass right now. I practically can feel myself expanding like mad cow. And CNY is getting freaking near!! All the foodies are waiting for me!!! T_____T I'll tell you how to lose weight easily without exercise! Basically you find a plastic stool chair, which looked like this.

And you sit like that all day. As long as your knee is higher than your butt while sitting, the fats in your thigh is practically burning. For better effect you have to hug your leg so that both of the butt and thigh burns. That's the most effective way actually. The longer you sit in that position you can feel the soreness of your thigh and leg muscle. Sitting on a normal chair basically won't work well since your knee and butt is in the same level, and eventually all the fats will all accumulate in your tummy. Think twice when you sit on a chair. LOL 

Another last way to drop weight instead of real burning fats is to eat pure dark chocolate with no sugar content at all. 1 small pieces a day. For 1 month you can see the effect of weight drop. But the dark chocolate must be all in between 75% - 100% dark cocoa with guarantee no sugar content. I seriously need to get that dark chocolate that I've previously bought! It really makes an effect to my body. (All are solely based on my own opinion, don't take it too seriously, if you are taking it seriously you might loss weight (pun of the day))

But of course the most important to loss weight is to exercise and eat healthy. Its even so hard and demotivated to do any exercise lately. Its been raining everyday and night. Craving is getting stronger too. I need to get hold on myself. GAHHHHHHH I WANT AVOCADO (at least this is healthy. lol) !!! 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless. 

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