Sunday, January 19, 2014


Planned everything perfectly and the plan goes well in the end.

The day before we planned everything out. We decided to escape work for a short while to go out for interview. We're doing the wrong thing but it feels right. We prepared for it. I am basically super nervous about the plan whether it works out or not. 

In the morning with all well prepared document and suit up for the occasion. We were waiting for the time, the perfect timing to escape. Finally its time to go. First of all we went to site, basically follow the plan properly then we headed to Damai to complete the main task of the day. 

The interview was totally failed. We don't have the license for that job and being offered another one. Shit. All the plans for the escape was totally not worth it. We bought food back to office and being nagged by the supervisor. Sometimes I just don't understand my supervisor being shitty. Perks of having high position eh. 

After working hours, we headed to our next destination. Karaoke session but with another one of the colleague who works till 5pm whereas we work till 1pm on the Saturday. The adrenaline rush we had while helping my colleague to escape. And the plan goes well smoothly. Unpredictable smoothly. 

The plan was so success we felt weird and so much guiltiness. From the morning till end we felt bad. We did the wrong thing but it feels right. I don't know. All I do now is to pray for forgiveness. But one good thing after the interview I felt relieved. Because I know I'm choosing back the pathway I'm suppose to go. 

If the interview was a success I start planning out something different, much more different. There's so many choices in front, so many opportunities I've got. I'm making its way more visible so I can choose properly what I really wanted. But one thing for sure 1 pathway is closed. There's more pathway to choose and go. Hoping that some of the sacrifices, guiltiness and struggles would lead a better way. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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