Friday, May 27, 2011

Class Picnic (21.5.2011)

So awesome day.
Breeze wind, sunny day, 
having picnic at Tanjung Aru 3rd beach with classmate
We reach there around
and almost everyone were there.
They went there early to light up the charcoal
started the bbq session earlier so Ms Jossy can eat 1st.
There were pasta, salad, sandwich, meehoon, fried rice,
nugget, fish ball and lots more.
when we arrived they started to ate,
play and walk on the beach.
This time we didn't play any games since they want to gamble
So we enjoy the scenery and take lots of picture
Thank goodness Jajay went there
and he brought his camera Nikon.
Grace and me take turn to play and took lots of picture.
I think its around 200++ picture
hahaha and its amazing and memorable day
although its just a small picnic.
but we have lots of fun
some other lecturer also attended our picnic.
but only a few of them.
So enjoy the picture below :)

I'm a monkey!!!
hahahaha :P
Nice timing. Taken by Grace :)
Ohya actually there were lots of picture taken
by me and Grace but almost 3/4 picture were deleted
Some of the picture that very nice were deleted
 too bad :(

we have fun
God Bless!

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