Thursday, June 16, 2011

Graduation Day (11.6.2011)

Wake up early.
Get ready to wear formal outfit.
Then fetch Bibian and we went to STTSS together.
When we arrived most of the graduate student were sit
according to their name list.
Since I'm getting an award, so I won't get to rehearsal anything.
Went to eat breakfast at the canteen. 
The food was awesome and delicious.
Its cheap too. 
Anyway, when all of us arrive and wanted to find our sit
the SC did not prepare any sit for MYOB students.
Because they say they "OVERLOOK" the list.
We have 13 student there and our name list was so long and big
How they can forget our sit.
Such an irresponsible duty.
But we manage to get our sit before the ceremony start.
When the time reach our turn to take the cert
Imma getting nervous.
It ended up fine. :)

She is my old best friend from primary to Pre-U
And Imma gonna miss Wong badly.
bought her a chocolate.
She like it too :)
 I hope she will do well in her future.
God Bless everyone! :)

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