Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2nd day of school.

Its the second day of school now
Everything seems to be okay.
Nothing special for today as well.
Will fully start our lesson in this week before we get our books.

Talking about books.
I've currently sold my old text books which won't be in use anymore to my junior.
we were so desperately selling it out just to buy new books as well
Most of our senior graduated,
so second hand books were limited.
If I bought all new books it could cost a lot
to keep our environment healthy use back old books.
Hahaha. :P
Currently all subject that we are going to study now are all Laws.
Almost, Literally.
And I will drop 1 subject. Its maths anyway.
Although I'm good at maths but my schedule its to tight 
and unplan yet
the new schedule for our course is quite complicated.
So i think I'll won't be graduate on time next year :(
So sad.
I will do my best.

May intake was okay for me
They look like kids to me.
But they all seems to be so fluffy and soft. :P
Hope they are active for next years sport. :)

God Bless.

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