Sunday, May 1, 2011

Labor Day 1.5.2011

Wake up early in the morning.
Did not sleep well due to hard pillow. 
So we get ready to go for breakfast.
But Dad went to office to see whether got work or not
Then we end up at Tuaran since my Dad was free.
We went to the pasar for a walk first
and bought some oyster mushroom and ginger.
The fish were so fresh but we are Chinese
so the price are slightly higher. 
Because they know that Chinese people were rich.
But I'm not.

So basically we went to 
Lok Kyun Restaurant for breakfast.
The tuaran mee was awesome.

Then we went to Shabandar Resort.
(Actually it is just a name not a real resort)
We walk around the beach for a while and 
I found some seashell.
It is way too thin and fragile 
and I just pick up a big one, actually not so big. haha

On the way home
We bought coconut pudding.
We saw this group of Myvi car went there to enjoy their food
such as coconut pudding and kerang and kelapa bakar.
and I bought 2 coconut pudding as well
Now I'm so enjoying the pudding.
Enjoy you guys during this holidays.
My school start on 3rd of May.
Can't wait to start school.
God Bless. :)

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